Oh So Pretty

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey there everyone, I've got some good news for all of you. I'm not dead! Yay!

I just decided to take a break from the tg community for a while to try to clear my head. But now I'm back, and hopefully better than ever.

To everyone who gave me feedback on my last post and on the new page I created, thank you. No seriously, thank you. There were a lot of great suggestions on new topics to explore and things to consider and you all gave me a lot to think about. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

So with some new ideas, a nice stack of new images, and a clear head, let's see if I can pull off a string of new captions for all of you lovely readers. Sound good to you? Because it sounds fantastic to me.

P.S. The whole feedback thing is still in effect. If you think of something for me to work on, please leave a comment on anything I'm going to post from here on out. The more you give me to work on, the better captions you're going to see.

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