Lesson Plan

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hey everyone. I know it's been a few days since my last update, and while I want to say things will get better, I'd probably be lying. I just don't have the free time to turn out as much material as I'd like. Part of the reason is because I'm now putting a lot more effort into design than I did in the past, but it's mostly because I just have ton of other things that have to get done. But such is life, although I hate having to put my hobbies on hold.

So here's your new caption for the week. I'm not sure if I like the images or not. While I love the emotion and action they present, I'm not a big fan of either of the models. But the story was too good to pass up so I made it anyway. I was kind of torn over whether or not to describe the transformation or not. While I think it would have been nice, space constraints made it an easy thing to scratch from the final edit. I didn't have another image and I hate it when the writing gets too small, so it went in the trash.

Let me know if you want to see more out there kind of transformations/situations, or if you prefer my normal stuff. Although to be fair, calling any of the stuff I publish normal is quite the stretch. Enjoy the rest of your week.


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